Software Security Testing

Is your software adequately secured against viruses and malicious attacks?

Leak of critical data can lead to disastrous consequences for companies. Software security tests identify potential loopholes in the application and also thoroughly scan the codes, focusing on areas where an attack is likely to succeed. Comprehensive security checks for software help in detecting bugs at the implementation level and also helps to expose possible flaws in design.

Oniyosys follows industry recommended security testing procedures and practices in fixing weaknesses in applications. We design secure architecture and tests, firewalls and other security testing tools to minimize and eliminate the hazards of hacking of software applications.

Security testing is conducted both internally and externally to detect design and implementation flaws in the application at the earliest and help in mitigating security risks. Our focus is on providing end-to-end security options to minimize the margin of error and ensure that our clients’ data and applications are completely secure across networks.