Performance and Stress Testing

At Oniyosys, we get involved in performance testing right from the pre-deployment stage itself. This helps in early resolution of issues. In the event that systems are already live, our performance testing team will help with suggestions on how to improve the existing applications. We offer the following performance tests:

Load Test – where we test applications at the optimal level of its specifications.

Stress Test - here we test the system or application at extreme operating conditions by stressing it out by removing the resources that support it & see how it works.

Ageing Test – this test gauges how an application performs after extended usage over a long period of time.

Throttle Test – here the application is testing across different bandwidths and within specifications like CPU usage, memory, web traffic, web processes etc.

Thus performance and stress testing help in identifying the segments of software that need fine-tuning and fixing under both normal and extraordinary conditions.