What our clients say

Oniyosys continue to serve as an integral supplier to providing both outsourced Software Quality Assurance and monitoring services. The biggest value in working with Oniyosys’s team has come from their ability to react quickly to changing needs and be accommodating of our unique process and approach. We operate in a rapidly evolving space that necessitates multiple code deployments a day. Oniyosys’s services are critical to our success and the high level of direct communication that their team provide enables us to identify and solve issues quickly and efficiently.
We rely on Oniyosys's team 24/7 to provide uninterrupted resources and achieve top results with little oversight. The speed at which they find and report critical issues is amazing. They understand all the aspects of our products, more specifically they understand how the end-user engages with the product and adjust their testing and monitoring processes around that.
Oniyosys’s services are complementary to our onsite NOC and QA Engineering teams. As an example, while we are focused on delivering new product features, Oniyosys’s team is making sure the existing ones are still working as expected. With over 14 million daily active users, that's no easy feat in our rapidly changing environment. Their integrity, skill profile, attention to detail and flexibility to our schedule is superb and invaluable to the market growth and success of QuestPoint.

- Kai Hankinson
CEO, United States

Oniyosys has been a valuable part of our quality assurance efforts at two companies I've been involved in now. Their testing is thorough and they are able to adapt to the needs of the company they are working with. We can sleep easy knowing that any bad defects or problems will be found during the night by the great team at Oniyosys, and we can quickly respond.

- Mark Strauch
COO, United States

I’ve worked with Oniyosys for several years now and there’s a reason why I keep going back to them for any quality assurance work. They have consistently been our most diligent and valuable service provider. They ramped up on our business and product including the technical specifications very quickly. They were very flexible in adjusting their process to work with our team members in the office. They diligently executed testing and monitoring work every day with little management from us. The result was a group of QA experts working as a seamless extension of our team creating millions of dollars of value for us every year. I have and will continue to recommend them without hesitation.

- Nick Urbani
CEO & Co-founder, United States

Avani is a very dedicated and resourceful manager and QA professional. I have worked with her and her team over the past 6 years, using her as a very effective supplement for our inhouse quality assurance and operations teams. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for this skillset.

- Arie Trouw
CEO / Founder, United States

Avani is a great person to have in your corner. I worked with her company Oniyosys on several projects over the years, and her team's monitoring and QA testing services saved me tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue multiple times. I estimate that she and Oniyosys actively prevented the loss of $260,000 of revenue per year when their detailed process identified bugs. And their proactive monitoring safeguarded millions of dollars in revenue. Oniyosys team is great to work with, and I highly recommend their work.

- Shawn Bridgeman, MBA, SPHR
Director, United States

I had the pleasure to work with Avani for a couple years and in that time I found her to be extremely polite, professional, knowledgeable, and a true leader in her industry. Avani is a dependable and responsible individual that takes pride and is passionate about the work she performs. I would highly recommend any company to pursue working with Avani and Oniyosys Testing Services Pvt. Ltd. as I would only expect the greatest success and meaningful business relationships to come from it.

- Michael S. Levy, CB
Co Founder, United States

Avani was a huge asset to our software development company. Not only was she dedicated to working however many hours it took to get the job done, but she also had this incredible ability to plan for the future. She knew our company was growing and that meant her team needed to grow as well. She started to recruit and train other team members right around the time we knew we needed extra hands. Eventually she built out a very successful team who worked 24/7 to monitor and ensure the quality of our products. I believe the team was successful due to her detail oriented nature, her impeccable leadership skills, and her simply kind nature. People naturally gravitate to her.

- Kira Deffner
Project Manager, United States

Oniyosys has a good name because they are Testing Experts. They tested CounterCloud on Android resulting in an improved app. Not only did they complete our list of tests but they produced a detailed test report along with screen snapshots of each bug found. This company is highly recommended and we will likely use them again on future projects.

- KaiMatt Kraus
Partner, United States