Usability Testing

Usability testing is invaluable to analyze the functionality of the application or Web site. Our testing team navigates the application or Web site as a real world user and identifies usability problems if any and suggests improvements. Find out which parts of the design work well for the target audience and which parts don't.

Usability testing provides awareness about how easy or difficult it is to use the application or Web site. If conducted during the app development stage itself, these tests are very useful to point out what is not working in a design. The tests expose bugs if any and helps uncover barriers that you may have never expected. Usability testing provides confirmation that your website is working well and meets its intended purpose. They remove obstacles that come in the way of smooth and easy use of a site or application.

Maximize your ROI by using Oniyosys’ agile, cost effective usability testing process – ideal for clients who are developing a software product or a web site. Our usability testing suite helps in identifying potential defects and issues before the application or website is out there in the marketplace so that we help in removing serious barriers to user adoption of the products or web sites that you develop.